Tencent Media Lab VVC/H.266 Decoder

Tencent's O266 decoder is a CPU-efficient VVC/H.266 software decoder library optimized for x86 and ARM platforms with support for 8-bit and 10-bit decoding, AVX2 acceleration, and multithread support. VVC (Versatile Video Coding) is the most recent international video compression standard developed by the Joint Video Experts Team (JVET) of ISO/IEC MPEG and the ITU-T VCEG and finalized in July 2020. Compared to its predecessor High-Efficiency Video Coding (H.265/HEVC), VVC/H.266 targets to reduce bitrate by 50% while providing the same visual quality.

The O266 library is available to evaluate when used with a custom version of VLC player available at our GitHub page.

O266 is also available for ARM and mobile platforms. Please contact Tencent Media Lab for more information.


GitHub: https://github.com/TencentCloud/O266player


For a demonstration or to obtain our SDK documentation, please click on the respective buttons below.

Tencent Media Lab
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