Point Cloud Modeling

Tencent Media Lab's Point Cloud Modeling collects and analyzes real-world information and uses point cloud and other modeling technologies to achieve real-world digitalization of scenes and objects.

Object Reconstruction

Reconstruct objects in high-definition 3D models that are viewable from any angle. Using non-contact capture methods such as photos, the Media Lab's algorithm creates a corresponding point cloud model that could be integrated into a variety of applications such as e-commerce, cultural learning, games, advertisements, and more.

Space Reconstruction

Create digital twins of your environment with Media Lab's Point Cloud Modeling. Using multiple 360-degree panoramic photos of your environment, the Point Cloud Modeling will calculate the depth of field from the panoramas and create a spatial point cloud model. This point cloud model can be rendered and displayed for virtual tours.

A PaaS 3D Tour Solution

Our powerful 3D modeling platform lets users easily turn a space into an accurate and immersive digital tour. A complete solution to show off your property is provided, including 3D walkthrough tour, virtual 3D "dollhouse" model view, floor plan view, and panorama image enhancements.

  • 2X Processing Speed
  • 1/3 Build Cost
  • Superior Immersive
  • Display Everywhere
VR Tour
  • Convenient Collection

    A variety of capture solutions are supported such as mobile phones and 360 cameras for non-contact collection, or the use of high-end devices such as depth cameras with lidar.

  • Leading Algorithm

    Our cutting-edge point cloud modeling algorithm results in visually superb and accurate 3D models while lowering the technical threshold for acquiring the assets to create the 3D models.

  • Low Cost

    Virtual models can be realized at a low cost and the technology applied to cultural tourism, museums, retail, construction, manufacturing, and many other fields.

  • High Efficiency

    Media Lab's compression expertise enables higher compression efficiency for faster transmission and display speeds.

  • End-to-End Solution

    With one-click access, the virtual model can be displayed on desktop browsers or mobile displays and integrated with your website or application through standard web page embedding.

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