VR360 Video

Media Lab's VR360 solutions provide immersive 360-degree video experiences for multiple platforms such as mobile phones and VR headsets. With world-class bandwidth reduction with our video algorithms and easy development with our player SDK, Media Lab provides a complete solution for the most mesmerizing VR video experiences.

  • Panoramic Stitching

    Video data taken by different cameras are seamlessly spliced by our optical flow algorithm to form a seamless spherical panoramic video along with balanced exposure. Our solution supports up to 8K videos per camera.

  • Play Rendering

    Craft an elegant user experience with our player SDK to decode and render high-quality immersive video with minimal 360° picture distortion.

  • Tiled Transmission

    Spherical 360-degree video up to 8K resolution is segmented into tiles with our specially designed encoder. When a user plays back the tiled format, the user device with our player SDK will only render the area that the user is looking at and adapts in real-time as the user moves their view. Tiled transmission provides immersive 8K quality at reduced bandwidth even on mobile devices.

Solution Architecture

On-site Capture System

VR Camera
Live Streaming
Offline Stitching
VOD File
On-demand Streaming

Cloud VR Video Processing System

Noise Reduction, Color Enhancement
Video Tiling
Multi-rate Compression

Transmission System

COS Storage

User System



  • Conference and Exhibition

    VR360 video breaks the limits of the fixed viewing angle of traditional conference and exhibition scenes to put the audience right into the action and the freedom to immersive themselves with any viewing angle.

  • Digital Tourism

    Take cultural tourism to the next level with a captivating digital experience and reach remote audiences worldwide. Guide your audience with beautiful ultra-high-definition panoramic videos of famous travel locations and local historic attractions.

  • Game VR

    VR panoramic imagery brings players into the game with an incredible sense of immersion. Transporting VR gamers into extraordinary scenarios with cutting-edge virtual images enables players to experience the thrill and charm of VR gaming.

  • Education

    VR360 opens up a whole world of possibilities. VR video engages students to learn about the world around them and be inspired. Explore topics and locations that would not be possible or too expensive to experience in person.

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