Multimedia Technologies

Tencent Media Lab focuses on the exploration, development, and implementation of cutting-edge technologies in the field of multimedia technology, including audio and video codecs, network transmission and real-time communication, multimedia content processing, analysis, understanding and quality assessment, immersive media (VR, point cloud, etc.) end-to-end solutions; also responsible for the formulation of global industry standards, including multimedia data compression, network transmission protocols, multimedia systems, and open-source platforms.

Research and Standardization

Accomplished researchers and industry experts at Tencent Media Lab actively contribute to global technology standards groups and industry consortia. Many of our experts lead those groups in the chair, co-chair, or editor positions. More than 800 technical proposals from the Media Lab team have been adopted by multiple international standards.

Media Compression

  • H.266/VVC
  • MPEG-5 EVC
  • AV2 (AOMedia)
  • AVS2 & AVS3
  • PCC
  • NNVC
  • VCM

Systems, Transport, and 5G

  • MPEG Systems
  • IETF
  • 3GPP
  • Vertical Activities

Artificial Intelligence

  • NNVC

Industry Consortia

  • MC-IF
  • 8K Association
  • Metaverse Standards Forum


Media Compression

Tencent Media Lab codecs are integrated globally into products servicing millions of monthly active users. Our researchers continually push the envelope in developing industry-leading codec performance in real-world usage and deployment.

Immersive Media

Media Lab engages in the research and end-to-end design of extended reality (XR) experiences such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), point cloud, digital twins, and volumetric video capture and display technologies.

Intelligent Media

The Media Lab's Intelligent Media SDKs are easy to integrate into media workflows for visual enhancements, video analysis and understanding, quality assessments, automated video editing, digital music processing, and much more.

Tencent Media Lab technology is integrated with these services and many more

  • qq_music
  • tencent_cloud
  • tencent_games
  • qq
  • penguin_fm
  • joox_karaoke
  • tencent_video
  • voov_meeting
  • qzone
  • now
  • tencent_tourism_culture
  • wei_shi
  • cctv_mobile
  • tencent_pictures
  • tencent_classroom
Tencent Media Lab
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