AVIF Codec

The Tencent AV1 Codec Project (OAV1) of the Tencent Media Lab supports Tencent Cloud to become the first cloud service provider in China to support AV1, providing it with the most cutting-edge AVIF image compression technology. So far, OAV1 has been updated to version v0.6, which supports real-time transcoding of HDR and 1080p30, greatly reducing the bit rate and saving storage space when the subjective quality of the picture is the same.

AVIF Format

AVIF (AV1 image format) compression format is an image encoding format using AV1 intra-frame encoding and is the latest picture compression format. AV1 is a standard developed by members of the Open Media Alliance (AOMedia). Founded in 2015, AOM (Alliance for Open Media) is a non-profit organization that develops open video coding with the goal of developing a patent-free video coding format. AOM officially released its first open-source, royalty-free video encoding format AV1 in 2019. As the next-generation standard of VP9, AV1 aims to solve the expensive patent fees and complex patent licensing issues of H.265, and to become a new generation of leading royalty-free coding standards. AVIF also provides an open source, royalty-free, graphics compression format with higher compression capability and better picture detail retention - AVIF.


  • Significantly reduces web page download time, saving more than 50% bandwidth compared to JPEG and WebP
  • Support HDR (can support 8, 10, 12 bit pictures at the same time), JPEG only supports 8 bits
  • Supports both lossy and lossless compression
  • Support for film grain and other functions supported by AV1 intraframe coding
  • Supports multiple color modes including monochrome images
  • Support multiple sampling formats, YUV4:2:0, YUV4:2:2, YUV4:4:4
  • High compatibility, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows 10, etc. already support AVIF, Netflix is about to launch AVIF


  • jpeg 147kb
  • webp 94kb
  • heif 49kb
  • avif 21kb
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