Free-Viewpoint Video

Free-viewpoint video is an immersive media experience in which a viewer can actively select any angle to view the action of a scene. Tencent Media Lab has designed a free-viewpoint solution called Freeview to deliver this captivating experience to devices such as mobile screens. On the mobile device, users use sliding motions in the player to change their viewpoint up to a full 360 degrees angle of viewing.

  • Mobile/Web Supports

  • High Degree of Freedom

  • Full HD Quality

  • Reconstruction on Cloud

Solution Architecture

On-Site Capture System

Camera Matrix
Camera Control

Cloud Free Viewpoint Processing System

Multi-stream Synchronization
Multi-screen Alignment
Video Data Generation

Transmission System

COS Storage

User System

  • DOF

    High Degree of Freedom

    The 6 DoF (Degree of freedom) allows a user experience videos in the most realistic form, which makes impactful, powerful and controllably entertaining.

  • Algorithm

    End-to-End Solutions

    Media Lab's Freeview solution solves the challenges and pain of implementing free-viewpoint experiences. The Media Lab team supports a complete solution from on-site construction, cloud processing, and the player.

  • Sport Events

    The Freeview technology uses multiple high-precision cameras synchronized at the millisecond level to capture photos of the athletes at numerous angles. The Freeview software processes the images to create a free-viewpoint video that provides audiences with a dramatic and dynamic viewing experience of the scene.

  • TV Shows

    The Freeview technology can be used to create a 'bullet-time' effect. Envision this technology applied to live broadcast performances, street dance competitions, scenic tours, and TV programs for a captivating visual experience.

  • Online Learning

    Inspire students using interactive video technology like Freeview. Interactivity with any topic makes learning more intuitive and enjoyable for higher student engagement. Students will retain knowledge longer and be more inspired.

  • Advertising

    Gain more mindshare of customers with exciting uses of Freeview technology for product displays, sports events, and scenic attractions. Use Freeview in advertisements for higher levels of customer engagement.

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