Smart Writing

Smart Writing combines text big data corpus and deep learning to enhance text expression capabilities. Use conditional generation technology to effectively realize video writing, picture writing, lyrics writing and other functions.

Bullet Comments Commentary

According to the content of the screen, the bullet comments or commentary is automatically generated, and some games are supported. For example, the intelligent bullet comments commentary service customized for the King of Glory game video automatically generates the bullet screen and game commentary according to the events in the game, and provides interactive cold start material for the video. Support scene customization.

The blue word is the generated comments
The red word is the generated commentary


  • Game Video (On-demand/Live)
    Quickly edit the wonderful moments of the game and provide highlight materials

Lyric Writing

Enter the lyrics of the first sentence, and automatically continue to write subsequent lyrics that are semantically coherent and rhyming, and output the complete lyrics. The lyrics creation service can automatically create lyrics for a specific theme, consider the rhyme of the lyrics in the process of Chinese lyrics creation, and support two creation modes of popular lyrics and Rap lyrics.

Input First Line

今天天气晴朗 年少轻(ing)狂(ang)

Output Lyric

今天天气晴朗 年少轻(ing)狂(ang)









  • Assisted Smart Composition
  • Rap Lyric Writing
  • Pop Lyric Writing


Copywriting is automatically performed based on pictures and videos, mainly for e-commerce scenarios, and supports keyword generation and whole-paragraph copywriting in dimensions such as seasons, styles, and fabrics. Support scene customization.

Input Image
Type:全身Waist:高腰Season:夏季Pattern:条纹Style:通勤Thickness:常规Material:Sleeve:短袖Age:25-34岁Cut Fit:直筒Collar:POLO领Subtype:衬衫裙

这款来自BRAND的条纹衬衫裙,采用通勤的polo领设计,常规长袖的设计,高腰直筒的版型, 轻松穿出修长的腿型。精选优质的棉涤纶面料,手感柔软细腻,亲和肌肤,舒适透气。优质涤纶面 料。简洁的长袖设计,穿着舒适美观。高腰的设计,修饰出纤细的腰部曲线,尽显曼妙的身姿。


  • Assisted Smart Composition
  • Rap Lyric Writing
  • Pop Lyric Writing
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