Tencent Static Mesh Database (TSMD)

Static meshes with texture map are widely used in modern industrial and manufacturing sectors, attracting considerable attention in the mesh compression community due to its huge amount of data. To facilitate the study of static mesh compression algorithm and objective quality metric, we create the Tencent Static Mesh Dataset (TSMD) containing 42 reference meshes with rich visual characteristics. 210 distorted samples are generated by the lossy compression scheme developed for the Call for Proposals on polygonal static mesh coding, released on June 23 by the Alliance for Open Media Volumetric Visual Media group. Using processed video sequences (PVSs), a large-scale, crowdsourcing-based, subjective experiment was conducted to collect subjective scores from 74 viewers.

  • Static Colored Mesh
  • Subjective Quality Assessment
  • Q. Yang, J. Jung, H. Wang, X. Xu, S. Liu, "TSMD: A Database for Static Color Mesh Quality Assessment Study", arXiv preprint arXiv:2308.01940, 2023 (link)
  • VVM Working Group, “Call for proposals on static polygonal mesh coding,” Alliance for Open Media, document: VVM-2023-004o-v3, May 2023 (link)


If you use our dataset, please refer to the following publication:

TSMD: A Database for Static Color Mesh Quality Assessment Study

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