Point Cloud Compression

Point clouds are enormous datasets describing 3D points with associated data such as distance, color, and other attributes. Tencent Media Lab developed an industry-leading algorithm for high-quality real-time compression of point cloud data to greatly reduce storage and transmission costs

  • Industry Standards

    Tencent Media Lab is a member of the industry standards organizations to develop domestic and international point cloud compression standards. The Media Lab not only participated in the creation of the standard but has also adopted and implemented the standard into actual projects.

  • Industry-Leading Compression

    Scene-adapting compression algorithm achieves high efficiency and high-quality compression of point cloud data to significantly reduce storage and bandwidth costs.

  • Real-Time Encoder

    Media Lab internally developed a fast point cloud codec with a fully optimized compression algorithm to ensure real-time high-quality data compression and transmission.

  • Secure and Reliable

    To ensure the security and privacy of the data transmission, the compressed point cloud data will be purged immediately after delivery for a secure and reliable production process.


Point Cloud Encoding

  • Model Analysis
  • Model Preprocessing
  • Forcasting Technique
  • Transformation Technique
  • Signal Compression
  • Data Encapsulation

Point Cloud Decoding

  • Signal Decompression
  • Anti-transformation Technology
  • Compensation Technology
  • Model Postprocessing
  • Model Transformation

Kernal Tweak

  • Fast Algorithm
  • Multithreading Technology
  • Instruction Set Optimization
  • Autonomous Vehicles

    The massive point cloud data are generated by lidar scanning in the autonomous driving scene. We provide a fast and low-latency compression scheme to ensure the efficiency of data flow.

  • Digital Museum

    We provide a high-fidelity compression scheme for the point cloud information of cultural relics in the digital scene, and provide end users with a high-definition, high-fidelity visual experience.

  • Smart City

    We perform efficient data compression on the point cloud information generated by the city's 3D reconstruction, achieve efficient data compression and transmission, and provide smooth rendering and display effects.

  • Virtual/Augmented Reality

    We provide fast and real-time encoding and decoding capabilities for dynamic point cloud data generated instantly in virtual/augmented reality scenes while ensuring subjective visual quality.

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