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Tencent Media Lab takes Leadership Position of Immersive Video activity at the newly created MPEG Advisory Group on Visual Quality Assessment

In October 2020, the ISO/IEC international organization for standardization created the Advisory Group on  Visual Quality Assessment, chaired by Pr. Mathias Wien of Aachen University. Dr. Joel Jung, Principal Researcher at CSIG/Tencent Media Lab, has been appointed Chair of the focus group on Immersive Video.

The Visual Quality Assessment Advisory Group will guide all MPEG working groups on quality evaluation activities and recommend best practices for video-related technologies. It will ascertain the validity and conclusiveness of all visual quality evaluation tasks in MPEG and approve quality assessments in exploration activities, calls for evidence, calls for proposals and verification tests. The Advisory Group will additionally explore and develop quality assessment methodologies for emerging use-cases, such as neural-network-based video compression and cloud-gaming.

The Advisory Group is comprised of four focus groups:
  • Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) Video: This group supports, designs and conduct test activities on standard definition content at any resolution and coding condition.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video: This group facilitates assessment of high dynamic range video quality using different devices with combinations of spatial resolution, color gamut, and extended contrast dynamic range.
  • 360 Virtual Reality: This group is dedicated to 360° video in general, including quality evaluations and subjective assessments when using head-mounted devices.
  • Immersive Video: This group is focused on the study of recent objective metrics dedicated to immersive video and the design of appropriate subjective viewing methods.

Dr. Joel Jung will chair the focus group on Immersive Video. He will lead the most challenging and cutting-edge objective of the Advisory Group due to the intrinsic nature of immersive contents which typically contain various types of artifacts (compression, synthesis), and for which no ground-truth reference video is available.

Tencent Media Lab is already involved in ITU-T standardization activities for performance, Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) through ITU-T Study Group 12, particularly on cloud-gaming and video-telephony services. With this new Chair position in a world-renowned organization, Tencent Media Lab strengthens the recognition of its expertise in the field of multimedia quality.

Tencent Media Lab
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